Experience Details:


~Hour-long recorded Zoom session
~Oracle card reading with voice recording and card images

Price: $222

~Astro Soul Sessions~

Astro Soul Sessions will be hour-long sessions guided toward helping you gain clarity, insight and divine guidance on a particular area (s) in your life.

As a certified Trauma Recovery Coach™, I create a safe container for clients to learn more about how they can heal developmental and inherited traumas and learn to thrive through the use of self assessment tools like Astrology.

In the second of my series of Astro Soul Sessions I will be offering, the theme is the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. I will help you determine how you use the energy of the eclipse to your advantage depending on where it falls in your chart.

So what does this mean for us practically as individuals? Well, eclipses have a way of ushering in change, especially the kind we have been avoiding to make, typically in the areas of our life where Gemini and Sagittarius fall in our natal birth charts, determined by the house placement.

Further, eclipses are always paired with the moon’s nodes bringing more intensity to them because the nodes represent fated life, karma and the lessons needed to be learned in this lifetime in oder to evolve.

During your session I will provide insight on how this eclipse may affect you, tools to utilize to integrate what changes may occur and intuitively led guidance on how to move forward with this eclipse energy for the next six months.

If you are feeling that tingly call within to get clarity around how this eclipse series is affecting your life and the best medicine to help you through it, book a soul session today!!

Included in each astro soul session is…..

~A one-hour recorded Zoom session discussing what I find in your chart regarding the current astrological transits-this first soul session will focus on the discussion the eclipse, nodal moon placement which reveals past karmas and destiny in this lifetime, explanation of digestive type in human design as well as moon placement which tells us how you best thrive, what nourishes you and what your ideal environment is

~An Oracle card reading for more insight into what the astrological event (AKA eclipse), has in store for you, what divine guidance is present and coming through from your guides and well ancestors and a theme for each month for the next 6 months between now and the final eclipse of the series