~Trauma-informed tarot~

~Trauma-Informed Tarot is tarot card reading that is delivered through the lense of understanding how our traumatic experiences can shape our lives.

Trauma-informed tarot means no victim shaming or blaming in your reading. There are no ‘bad’ cards and no life sentences gathered from your reading. Instead, readings offer you a way to get in touch with your deeply held intuitive solutions to your inquiries that may have been buried under years of unhealed trauma.

Having a reading done by someone else ensures that you aren’t carrying your own bias into the problem-solving that needs to occur and allows for objectivity when approaching your inquiry.

~Reading details……

~When you purchase a card reading you will be directed to Acuity Scheduling where you may choose any time slot (the time will not matter to the reading) and be prompted to pay

~Once you purchase a card reading you will send your question to ashleymarshallhealthcoach@gmail.com

~After I receive your question I will send a voice recording along with the image of your card(s) within 24 hours of receiving your question

~There is no time limit on the recordings as I would like to allow for whatever needs to come through not to be limited

~If more cards jump out during a reading than you purchase I will include all ‘jumping’ cards in your reading as it means that an extra message or clarifying card wanted to come through with additional information for your reading

You may choose and purchase one of the card readings listed below…..

$22 one question, one card

One-card readings are designed to give you an overview of your experience in order to better see the situation at hand. You receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your question.

$33 one question, two cards

With the two-card option you will get an overview of the situation (relationship, career, creative, friendships, family, etc.) and a clarity card that will give you a better understanding about your answer.

$44 one question, three cards

The three-card option includes an overview card, a clarity card and a card that will show you the best way to move forward.

$55 one question, four cards

The four-card option gives you an overview of your inquiry, clarity on the situation, how best to move forward and how the situation will manifest if you use the intuitive insight coming through.

Ashley’s readings are absolutely my favorite I’ve ever had. I so appreciate her trauma- informed foundation that she works off of, as it creates a really safe, gentle, grounded space to connect with yourself. She has a gift and it’s so clear she puts a lot of time and care into these readings. I always feel incredibly seen and connected with my deepest self after them, they resonate so deeply.  It feels like a reading that is genuinely supportive of your highest & best, and I couldn’t recommend it more! -Devin Pafumi