trauma in the birth chart-workshop


Donation-Based Workshop- ‘Trauma in the Birth Chart’


Thursday, April 29 @ 12 PT
Recordings will be sent out for everyone who registers if you can’t be there live

Finding Trauma in the Birth Chart

In this work shop you will learn what aspects of the birth chart can show us where and how trauma will manifests in our lives according to…

Planets, House, Aspects, Signs

The types of trauma that we can find in the birth chart ranges from complex trauma to developmental and inherited trauma.

I will discuss these terms in the workshop. You may find some of the material triggering and I encourage you to have the support you need in the chance that you may need it.


I am not a certified astrologer, just a huge fan who has taken various courses about the parts of astrology that fascinate me.

One of the parts of astrology I am most fascinated by as a Trauma Recovery Coach is how trauma shows up in the birth chart.

In this workshop you’ll learn….

~Which planets can show us what types of trauma we may experience

~How aspects between planets tell a story of trauma

~The influences houses have on trauma

~What information the signs give us about trauma endured

~The role of inherited trauma in the birth chart

~What our medicine is to help us begin to heal our traumas

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