Tools in the Kitchen

When it comes to my kitchenware, I like to mix thrift with a few well-made items. I try to save Amazon gift cards and use those on kitchen items I’ve been wanting instead of spending money on them.

Here are some of my favorite kitchen items that I use regularly that I think are worth the money & others items I save for thrift prices.

Garlic Press-I love having this around when I’m in a crunch for time but still need that minced garlic for a dressing or something.

Cutting Board-Bamboo or wood are best as they are the more sustainable. Glass works too but I don’t love these. Something about knives on glass doesn’t work for me.

Food Processor-

Good Mixing Bowls-Great for a lot of things , soaking and cleaning nuts, fruits and veggies as well as mixing flours for pastries, wraps or breads.

Blender-Of course any blender is great but as someone who uses hers daily, I need one that can handle the job. I’m really loving my new Vitamix for just that.

Vitamix-I like any series of this blender because it has a tamper stick and this blender is worth it for this alone. A tamper stick is a stick you can use to move the food around in the bottom on the blender when it gets stuck so you don’t have to keep adding water for a smooth blend. Works great for nice cream.

Mini Rice Cooker-I’ve never been great nor patient enough to make rice so these are great for lazy rice cookers like me. I don’t eat rice much at all anymore but you can also make steamed veggies, quinoa or beans.

Good Knife-Again, a gift. But this time from my Aunt & a small pairing knife which was a gift from my friend Jill. I’m so blessed! Although I got them as gifts, I’d surely buy them in the future and recommend them for all your kitchen chopping, mincing and slicking needs. Here are the knives I have: Zwilling J.A. Henckles.


I have purchased many things for my kitchen from thrift stores. I love being able to get great products at a much lower price. The trick is to stick to avoid appliances as they rarely work and it’s not worth spending your time to see if they do.

Here are some things I’ve purchase from my kitchen at various thrift stores:

White Ikea bowls

Brown Placemats

Cloth Napkins