Welcome to Roots Rewoven

We all share the eternal yearning to belong—to connect to our natural born roots.

But when there is loss or severed ties between family, staying connected to these roots begins to feel impossible.

If living family has been an unsafe resource for us, we can feel deep loneliness and isolation.

Without safe family to turn to, What do we do with the longing to connect?

Roots Rewoven is for those of us who don’t resonate with family as a safe space in the world; it’s for the orphan, the black sheep, the isolated and shunned family members who yearn to connect with their roots but come across challenges in the living world.

Using safe, trauma-informed prompts, you will be guided through a unique journey to help you reconnect with your chosen lineage where you will safely meet a guide and build a connection with them.

Through building this relationship to your ancestors you can begin to reweave your roots. The love, support and guidance you seek without fulfillment, from family, you may begin to receive from ancestors.

It is my biggest wish that my clients discover that they were never really alone to begin with….

As a certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I help clients discover and begin to heal themes of inherited trauma using relational Astrology, nervous system health education and Oracle guidance. I create a safe space for you to nourish your relationships to your ancestors and to your roots.

Roots Rewoven is for you if….

~You have a deep longing to understand where you came from

~You desire close connections with family but come across obstacles

~You don’t have safe family members to create connections with, share stories, anecdotes and history about your roots

~You yearn to create a relationship with departed ancestors and a deeper your connection to your roots

~You are open-minded to trying the various modalities within your own capacity to do so

Roots Rewoven is not for you if…

~You are hoping for a quick solution to healing family wounds and do not plan on actively participating in the work

~You are are hoping to use this experience as replacement for a therapeutic relationship

~You cannot make the financial commitment *I reserve spots for those in need of financial assistance

6-Session pack (meet bi-weekly) for $1,200: 75-minute long session

3-session pack (meet bi-weekly) for $500: 75-minute long session

*Visualization and Guide work

*Interpretation of the Ancestral houses in your natal birth chart

*Ancestral Veneration-ritual work to create ongoing communication with ancestors

*Inherited Trauma Resolution~discover themes of inherited trauma and inherited remedies throughout your lineages

*Prompts and homework to help you integrate the experience

*Personalized Archetype Oracle Card reading for further insight on connecting with ancestors