That familiar feeling of dread began to sink in when I got the first reminder to my inbox.

One nobody really needs. Each year since my mom’s death it’s the same ads from places we once visited together offering discounts asking, ‘we will be seeing you and your mom again?’

It highlights what I can no longer be a part of now that my mom is gone and is a constant reminder that she is.

And I know I’m not alone. It’s not just grieving lost birth parents but those who are still here and we must grieve for other reasons.


Mother’s Day is so ironic to me as a trauma coach and someone who has experienced developmental trauma because the mother wound is so prominent amongst humans.

The mother wound can be any trauma that your mother did or did not mean to perpetuate that left a wound.

Most of us don’t know the wound is there, but left un attended it can get worse.

For so many of us there are aspects of the relationships to our mother figures that are just, well, complicated. 

Mother’s Day is marketed to people who, quite frankly, don’t exist.

We’re sold Rory and Lorelai and and what we get is mother dearest and wire hangers…


There is nothing geared toward those of us who are grieving a Mother who is gone either by death, by choice or by force, mothers who we don’t have connections with or who we have false connections with.

Children with complicated relationship with their mothers (birth parents, caregivers) deserve something on this day that honors the the reality of these relationships. 

Something that validates the complicated truth and offers us way to access our inherited medicine.

That’s why I wanted to create this offering because just as inherited trauma is passed through the generations, down so is the gift of healing unique to our lineage.

The spread I’ve created and will use to do your reading helps you to discover the theme, conflict, medicine and manifestation of your mother (birth parent) -child relationship.

A few things about this reading...

~I work from the premise that Mother, birth parent and feminine energy are not necessarily mutually inclusive meaning your Mother may not be your birth parent and your birth parent may not be the figure that represents/ed feminine energy in your life

~Spirits that are now beyond this realm don’t have the same blocks that they did on Earth and are therefore easier to connect with because some of those same issues that were present in your relationship on Earth no longer exist within them

~This offering is about using the day to do something for ourselves, heal our grief, get some intuitive guidance to help us move through some stuckness


I will be using both The Moon (mother energy) and The Well (Gaia, ancestral mother energy), from the tarot to create a $44 four-card spread for you. The cards will can be interpreted as seen below.

First Card

Gives you an understanding of the theme of your relationship

Third Card

Gives you the remedies that are inherent to your lineage that help you to heal

Second Card

Highlights conflicts, points of challenge and opportunities for growth

Fourth Card

The fourth card represents how your relationship can evolve when you can utilize the medicine revealed in the third card

*please note that this reading is pre-recorded and sent to your via images and voice notes

~Natal Birth Chart Reading~

This reading will focus on the relationship between you and your Mother/Mother figure as interpreted by your natal birth chart. I will interpret your 10th house and natal Moon and Venus placements which pinpoint inherited trauma, gifts and remedies you inherited from this lineage.

*You may choose to meet live for this reading or have it pre-recorded and sent to you

*All sales are final*