About Me…

Growing up I was a sensitive child with a vivid imagination. This made living in a household with drug and alcohol abuse even more difficult for me. My parents would abuse drugs and alcohol, fight about money and when it was over, they would ask me to go out into the world and act as if nothing had happened. As you can imagine this was difficult for me to do but over the years without realizing it, I adopted the practice of holding my emotions in as a habit when anything unpleasant occurred.

In high school I self-harmed and was extremely depressed. I kept this mostly hidden except from my Mom whom I confided in about my depression and suicidal thoughts. She brought me to a doctor who put me on anti-depressants. Between these and therapy I began to feel better. But after a couple of years, I wasn’t comfortable with taking the medication so I stopped, deciding that more therapy was a healthier idea. For a few years I stuck with it but let life get in the way, not thinking that my mental health was much of a priority.


Fast forward to my mid-twenties, I’m living abroad in Spain and receive a phone call that changes my life forever. My estranged Dad has a heart attack and dies shortly after. It was truly heart-breaking for me because I didn’t get to say goodbye and had left things on bad terms with him. It was not only an emotionally traumatic experience but also a wake up call to address my own health issues- anxiety, depression, weight gain and heart palpitations, symptoms I’d ignored for years.

I dove into research mode and when I returned to the U.S. a year later I had even more of a desire to learn about health and nutrition through food. I studied holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012 where I received my certificate in health coaching. I slowly began learning the very practices that would become my healing path and began incorporating them into my life.

But my lessons in health and loss wouldn’t end at my father’s death. In early 2017 I unexpectedly lost my Mom/best friend. I became depressed and fell into old, unhealthy  habits like drinking more alcohol than I should, eating less and getting less sleep. Around that time I was also having a lot of pain in my pelvic area and went to the gynecologist shortly after her death to get checked. A few months after my Mom’s death I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.

All of the unaddressed loss, trauma and pain in my life, my symptoms–which included alcoholism, drug use, anxiety, insomnia, depression, painful urination, hemorrhoids, painful periods, bloating, painful workouts and more–had come to a head. In the midst of this all I also went through a devastating breakup with my partner of ten years. Just when I thought I’d been tested enough by the universe I found myself yet again, unhealthy, unhappy and broken, and feeling alone.




I couldn’t go any further in my physical healing without addressing not just my own traumatic past but my parents trauma as well . Up until I began healing, I didn’t realize that part of what was holding me back in life was the heaviness, the pain, the sorrow of those who came before me. In my mind, I may have thought I had worked through the trauma but my body told a different story. I knew that there had to be a connection between how what me and my ancestors had gone through and the pain I carried in my body.

For the past three years of my life I’ve dedicated myself to education and learning to heal endometriosis naturally. I have done this through studying the work of Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD who specializes in emotions as pain in the body. I use her work to find the connections between stress and other issues in my daily life to manage my endometriosis. I have also incorporated Medical Medium’s plant-based, whole foods nutritional and supplemental protocol. This was possible through working with Emily Beatrix, an S.E. coach specializing in nervous system health, to help me understand how to incorporate his protocols in a way that is fun, manageable and has made an extraordinary difference in my healing. I have greatly lessened symptoms caused by endometriosis such as cramps, nausea, overactive bladder, dizziness, bloating, anxiety, cravings, depression and painful periods which left me bed ridden. I found a food plan that works for me and doesn’t leave me feeling deprived.

I have also dedicated myself to healing any wounds, behaviors and patterns from  ancestors with my guide Lisa Nagel who specializes in inherited trauma resolution and ancestral healing. I have realized over the course of my work that my true health journey began even before I was born as trauma and illness from ancestors is passed down through utero.

I have also began incorporating the self awareness tools of Astrology and Astromapping into my practice as a guide to discovering one’s strength’s, weaknesses, soul’s purpose and work in this life time.

Now that I’ve found what it takes to put true healing into motion, I want to help you on your path toward healing. Using holistic practices that can be adopted into your daily routine combined with a deeper understanding of who you are and the life you are meant to live, I can help you achieve your health and life goals.
























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