Venus~Healing with the planet of pleasure

Venus~Healing with the Planet of Pleasure

Be unapologetic about your joy…


When we incarnate onto this earth I believe that we do so with a purpose. Much of our lives are spent focusing on that purpose but often we are taken off course by the more practical things being that human requires of us.

Oftentimes our purpose gets tangled up with how much we can produce and we lose sense and remembrance of our true compass~PLEASURE.

When we are led by our pleasure things come more naturally to us, we feel more fulfilled in life.

However, when we look at life through Venus’s eyes we become aware of our deepest yearnings and how fulfilling them adds to the richness of our lives.

Through Venus we can discover not only our pleasures but our talents, how we best receive love, what most fulfills our self esteem and the parts of life that tend to take up most of our thought and time.

Venus represents our endless passion for and pursuit of pleasure. As we know, sometimes that pursuit is derailed but society’s standards messaging and someone else’s standards of a life well lived.

But Venus knows that a life well -lived involves prioritizing what makes life worth living…

You will need your birth date, place and time (if you do not have your birth time you may still take the course however you will only be able to purchase one video, for your natal Venus sign, because you need the time to discover the house placement).

If you don’t know how to determine your natal Venus placement you can that here then return to purchase the course below.

What you will learn from this course:

~A understanding of Venus represented in mythology

~All about aspects to Venus and what they can meet about our access to pleasure

~What talents you hold that you may be able to monetize

~How your placement may like to give and receive love

~What may bring your Venus placement the most pleasure in life

~What aspects of life you may prioritize to bring your Venus placement more self esteem and self worth

Aries/1st House

Taurus/2nd House

Gemini/3rd House

Cancer/4th House

Leo/5th House

Virgo/6th House



Sagittarius/9th House

Capricorn/10th House

Aquarius/11th House

Pisces/12th House

All twelves houses and signs

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