Trauma-informed oracle card readings~

Trauma-informed Oracle Card Readings

Two-card Reading $22

Two-card readings give you intuitive guidance on your inquiry by validating the current environment and giving guidance on how to move forward.

Four-card Reading $44

Four-card spreads give you an overview of the current situation, clarity on your inquiry, guidance on how you can best move forward, and what the future holds if you can apply this intuitive guidance.

Ashley’s readings are absolutely my favorite I’ve ever had. I so appreciate her trauma- informed foundation that she works off of, as it creates a really safe, gentle, grounded space to connect with yourself. She has a gift and it’s so clear she puts a lot of time and care into these readings. I always feel incredibly seen and connected with my deepest self after them, they resonate so deeply.  It feels like a reading that is genuinely supportive of your highest & best, and I couldn’t recommend it more! 

— Devin Pafumi