~2022 Tarot or Oracle Reading~SALE~$75

Discover the challenges, opportunities and abundance that lies ahead in 2022 …

Every reading includes a Tarot or Oracle for each of the twelve months of the year, as well as for the entire year itself, with details on any challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of you.

These personalized readings will also offer you insight into what may occur for you in 2022 and intuitive guidance for living each month to its fullest as it aligns with your soul’s purpose.

The intention of these readings is not for me to decide what the year ahead looks like for you but for me to share insight coming through from your higher self.

Destiny awaits, sometimes we just need a little preview to help us along…


*I will reach out after you book to clarify if you’d like a Tarot or Oracle reading

Ashley’s readings are always so impactful and validating. She is so incredible at describing what messages are coming through from the cards that it kind of blows my mind!

— Sarah Woods

“Ash is the real deal. She’s actually the only reader I’ve let read my cards all year! I have nothing but great things to say and I support her and her work so much. I want everyone to experience her magic.”

-Emily Beatrix

“Ashley’s readings are absolutely my favorite I’ve ever had. I so appreciate her trauma- informed foundation that she works off of, as it creates a really safe, gentle, grounded space to connect with yourself. She has a gift and it’s so clear she puts a lot of time and care into these readings. I always feel incredibly seen and connected with my deepest self after them, they resonate so deeply.  It feels like a reading that is genuinely supportive of your highest & best, and I couldn’t recommend it more!

— Devin Pafumi