Cultivating Resilience-a 4-month Trauma Coaching Program


Food is such a huge part of life for humans.

We socialize and self-soothe with food.

We celebrate holidays, parties and events that all revolve around food.

It’s become part of our workday to eat cake, participate in bake sales-food is EVERYWHERE.

So when we come to a point in our lives where food is a struggle, its prevalence in social gatherings makes it all the more difficult to heal our relationship to food.

We hear things like, “You need to put on a few pounds, why don’t you just eat a burger?”  

Or, “Looks like you’ve put on a few pounds, why don’t yo try this diet that worked so great for me.” 

Well-meaning comments like this can create more food anxiety and when other’s advice fails to work for us, we feel even more shame about what we believe to be our ability to control our diets.

The truth is, there’s a reason we lose our appetites and can’t get them back.

There’s a missing perspective to why we overeat without being able to sense when we are full.

At the root of these issues is unhealed trauma.

Most attempts to find a diet that works for us fail because we don’t have the tools we need to discover the root of these issues.

When we approach a dietary change from a trauma-informed perspective, we discover what is was that led to our struggles in the first place, which most likely stem from complex developmental trauma.

Then we use nervous system regulation tools and other resources to heal our traumas, and in turn, heal our relationship to food.

Here’s how it works….

During a traumatic event fight or flight hormones flood our system in order to arm us with the right energy to fight off our attackers and digestion and hunger are temporarily suspended in order to prioritize safety.

The problem is, if we don’t have the proper tools or we continue experiencing trauma frequently, won’t have a way to essentially ‘turn’ our hunger back on.

It’s through nervous system regulation, shifting into the proper branch of our nervous systems for the appropriate circumstance, that we can begin to cultivate resiliency.

That’s why my new trauma coaching program Cultivating Resiliency focuses on building up your strength over time in one-one-one weekly sessions so that you can heal the root of your food struggles in a safe way that lasts a lifetime.

What’s included in my 4-month coaching program...

~One-on-one weekly 60-minute sessions via Zoom over a 4-month period from a certified trauma recovery and health coach

~Email support throughout the program during business hours

~Education about how the Nervous System works, an understanding of your NS, whether it tends toward dysregulation or not and tools to support self-regulation

~Personalized post-trauma diet education. You will learn about the best foods to help regulate the nervous system, heal anxiety and how to use food as nourishment

~An understanding of supplementation and how this can support you on your healing journey

~This program is entirely client led and does not require participation in any practices, prompts or resources. I only ask that you keep an open mind and a willingness to do the work necessary to heal



Working with me to Cultivate Resiliency can result in…

~A greater capacity to handle crisis 

~Improved relationship to food

~Finally feeling at ease about your eating habits 

~More confidence

~Improved relationships with yourself and others 

~Access your intuition 

~Make decisions based on desire instead of out of fear 

~Having more resources at your disposal to regulate your emotions and nervous system 

~More independence 

~Ability to set better boundaries 


Pricing and Payment Plans~


~The cost for the 4-month coaching program is $1,200 

*I am reserving one spot for anyone who wants to join the program but needs financial assistance and the cost for that spot will be $800 in full, $200 due at the first of every month or $100 a week

Payment Plans:

You may choose to pay the amount due for the program in full or one of the following plans….

$300 due the first of every month

$150 due every two weeks

*Please note that all payments must be made before session begins


~If you or anyone you know could benefit from this program, feel free to reach out via email at or schedule an Unearthing here call to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

~I look forward to cultivating resiliency along with you

Ashley ❤