Rooted Resilience- A Trauma Support Group

Hi there and Welcome to the Rooted Resilience Trauma Support Group.

This is a support group for anyone who is struggling with a range of emotions in response to our current crisis and is looking for some relief from those feelings. 

You may have come across this page because you are currently feeling/experiencing…

  • Anxious                                                                                    
  • Panicked                                                                                 
  • Purposeless                                                                            
  • Worried for the future   
  • Difficulty getting out of bed, performing daily tasks     
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Anger, rage
  • Struggling to implement self-care practices                                                                                                                                               

OR maybe you’re feeling….

~A sense of calm or comfort because your body is accustomed to living in a constant state of threat           

 ~Numb or disconnected from your body 

~Hyper-vigilant- enhanced sensitivity to threat which can lead to anxiety & exhaustion                                                                                                                                                                ~Having an out of body experience                                                                      

 ….and you would like to understand more about where these feelings originate from


It’s perfectly normal for any of us who have experienced Developmental Trauma to be feeling extra heavy during the current crisis or to be feeling like this experience is all too familiar. 

In many of us, the feelings of panic, anxiety and worry that are being triggered in us remind us that we’ve been here before–maybe not in the actual experience but in body and mind where we carry the effects of past trauma with us.

The common feelings that we’re experiencing regarding today’s current crisis may be new to others but for many of us, these are the same feelings of powerlessness, disconnection and exhaustion that we have already felt in childhood in response to neglect or abuse. 


Just as it’s important to make sure we have enough food, proper sanitization and social distancing, it’s essential that we actively take care of our mental health especially in a state of isolation. 

We can do this by coming together in a community that welcomes all feelings, where we can share our struggles and learn resources to help us move through this time.

There is no wrong way to feel about the current state of the world and that’s why I’m creating this community space where all feelings are welcome and we can support each other through the waves of emotions that trauma creates. 

Participating in this community you will learn to….

~Find more pleasure and joy throughout your day 

~Communicate your feelings more effectively

~Better manage and allow for a full range of emotions 

~Incorporate somatic practices to help move stored trauma out of the body 

~Participate in daily activities & chores without feeling sluggish 

~Become aware of when you’re numbing out and discover more sustainable activities, rituals & practices that help you self-soothe 

~Feel safe again


What you’ll receive in your membership….

~Weekly educational Zoom call where we’ll cover different topics regarding Developmental Trauma & why it makes sense that the effects of it are resurfacing now. You’ll leave with doable practices to implement into your daily routine to better cope with varying emotions. There will also be time set aside for sharing as well as Q & A. If you can’t make the live call, a recording will be sent out to you. 

~Twice weekly Voxer check-ins where we can connect as a community and keep each other accountable for our self care practices, and where I’ll also share things like additional visual aides, further reading and more details about the practices that compliment our Zoom meeting. There will also be the option to engage in Voxer throughout the rest of the week as well. 


~$20 twice a month with a 14-day notice if you want to leave the group. 




As someone who has experienced and studied Developmental Trauma, I feel the best way to manage it is through Awareness, Acceptance and individually-paced Action. I would like to help you discover tools and resources to help you move through your day with more ease and less panic. 

I want to help you wake up with a feeling of purpose, hope, and the opportunity to reconnect with your Rooted Resilience. 

 Ready to join? Click below to get started and you will receive an email with links and guidelines for the program.